Biopuncture Natural Pain Management

Biopuncture Safety 

It's important for both patients and doctors to be sure that these biotherapeutic injections are really safe. As we use ultra-low doses of the products, there are no toxic side effects. If the practioner respects the rules about injections and injection techniques, technical complications are very rare.

An investigation in more than twelve European countries has examined in detail the experiences of practioners who use biotherapeutic injections [1]. Attention was closely focused on the safety and possible side effects of biotherapeutic injections. The investigation approached more than 1500 general practioners and reflects the experience of about 36,000,000 injections. 96.4 percent of the doctors reported that they never had, or almost never, a side effect which was related to the injection technique. 99.5 percent of the doctors insisted that the biotherapeutic injections should remain available because they gave them an extra dimension in general practice.

Specific studies regarding the use of biotherapeutics such as Traumeel and Zeel have been carried out in Germany to check the safety of these intralesional injections in everyday practice. Indeed, several multicentric drug monitoring trials on Traumeel [2] and Zeel[3] [4] illustrate the safety of these injections.


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