Biopuncture Natural Pain Management

Will I Feel Better Right Away? 

You may improve immediately after the first injection. Critics might describe such a phenomenon as a placebo effect by saying that you feel better because you believe you are going to be feeling better. Such an immediate improvement is rather likely to happen when dealing with a fresh sports injury and when your immune system is working properly.

But when dealing with complaints that have persisted for months or years, the injured tissues need some time to heal. Then you will need several sessions before you notice any improvement. Sometimes the doctor has to change the product or the place of injection before you start feeling better.

Sometimes the day after the injection, you may feel worse, experiencing more pain or discomfort. This is exactly the opposite of the so-called placebo effect! This temporary worsening of complaints usually means that the healing processes are being activated. In Biopuncture this is called the "reaction phase" and it means that real healing is on its way.

It is also important to give the body the opportunity to heal itself. Especially if it is an old or complicated injury, it may take a while before the tissues or functions get repaired. While the body repairs itself, the reparation zone may be extra fragile. During this reparation phase you should not overuse that zone. In other words, don't go working in the garden the day after you received injections in your low back muscles.